When do you as a seller communicate too much or too little with the market? That is a question which not always is easy to give a direct answer too.

The reason for my question is that many consumers seem to be upset with the players in the mobile phone industry. This when it comes too the fact that many of the players have a habit of announcing new phone models a long way in advance. One example is Sony Ericsson and their launch of the mobile phone Xperia. They announced the launch of the phone one year ahead. At the time, potential consumers were excited and had great expectations. Now – just some months before it will be launch – there seem to be many consumers who feel that the phone already is old and outdated. This even before it has entered the market. During this ten months a lot of things have happen which have taken a way little of the lustre of the Xperia. New and even more desirable phones have been announced to be launched. Potential consumers are a little in despair and fed-up waiting for the Xperia.

This seems to be a general problem. When you read chat sites, many consumers seems to be very frustrated of being promised new phones and then having to wait a very long time for the phone to be available to buy on the market.

Why does the mobile industry do this? The obvious reason is of course that they want to capture potential customers and try to avoid that they buy a product from a competitor. What is the alternative to this behaviour in the industry? Only a month or a few weeks notice of a new model? No, I do not think that is in the best interest of the consumer.

Consumption is a lot about here and now. Not many people will wait days, weeks, months, or years to satisfy their instant needs. They want instants gratification. But many times, the in the spur of the moment consumption is not based on what we could call rational decisions. And this is not good when we talk about a mobile phone product. After all, mobile phones are expensive and their lifespan are rather short. Often this is due to fast technological advancements. So we as consumers have to make sure that we get as much value out of our money spent as possible.

Even if it is frustrating for us as consumers, it is good for the consumer to get information about different options well in advance. When the industry communicates with us well in advance, they help us too increase the likelihood of us making the right choice – i.e. a rational choice.

The point and answer in this case is therefore that it is better that companies communicate too much and too often than too little and too seldom. This as long as the information is relevant and correct.

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