"1) Ask to withdraw $100 and they Xerox five twenties 2) Once a week, bank president is led away in handcuffs 3) Four out of five bank tellers are kitties. 4) Was a Savings and Loan; now a Savings and Loan and Chicken Shack 5) "Vault" is the trunk of a late model Chevy Malibu 6) When you check account balance, ATM screen reads, "What money, sucka?" 7) They tell bank robbers, "Sorry, they CEO beat you to it" — it makes you laugh and it makes you think people! 8) They tried to borrow money from you 9) When you ask where your money is, they say in an adorable Alaska accent, "I'll try to find it and I'll bring it to ya!" 10)Instead of a mint, teller offers you an anti-depressant"

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