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“J-C has just showed me how to use FF”
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I think it fills a nice gap… something in between IRC, social bookmarking and blogging. – Egon Willighagen
Hi Peter. Good to have you on board! I think the thing that makes FF appealing for scientists is the threading and ability to point at objects. Media types don't like it and prefer twitter because I think they are more stream oriented than object oriented. Perhaps…its late on Friday afternoon and my brain is fried – Cameron Neylon
Hi Peter. Get out while you can. The disadvantages of FF are it's impossible to keep up via RSS, you don't get notified if someone replies, the threads are not archived (30 days or so?), different threads on the same subject are not linked (though this may be improving). Enjoy 🙂 – Noel O'Boyle
Threads are not archived — wait, what? *checks* Jesus, he's right. Well shit; I've been "liking" things to bookmark 'em. – Bill Hooker
FF is like a coffee room… you don't keep magazines there forever either 🙂 – Egon Willighagen
Welcome aboard – Deepak

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