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“Aw crap. Just realized that FF doesn't archive, so all that stuff I "liked" in order to bookmark it is gone. I might be the only dork in this unhappy situation but I mention it in case it helps even one other dork…”
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Which leads me to ask: how do I preserve the data from the References Wanted room? Can I pipe the RSS somewhere that will archive it? Or do I have to collect it manually? Ugh. This is annoying. – Bill Hooker
Does this mean that our use of FF to "archive" conference proceedings is misguided? I think we've even told others how much FF r0x0rs because it acts as a permanent, searchable record on the web. Oops… – Shirley Wu
Never really used FF like that. That's what delicious has always been for. I suspect you might be able to pipe the RSS into a yahoo pipe or something, but not sure that will work – Deepak
Great question. We should probably bring it up to Bret, etc and see what they have to say about it. – Deepak
All the posts in the ISMB room are intact, so it's possible rooms behave differently. Anyone taken a look at the API? – Deepak
damn it doesnt save everything? wtf – Kyle Weller
I think everything is stored *somewhere* — links to old entries will work, for instance, though I haven't found a link to an entry old enough to test that — but when you use the "older" link at the bottom of the page, it tops out at start=390. So you can't scroll back through your history, or a room's history. – Bill Hooker
There is a definite limit to "older" – I guess we didn't hit it with the ISMB room. You could try out the API, see if it will retrieve posts for an "old" date – old in FF time at least. – Neil Saunders
"You could try out the API" — I could, if I weren't a simple biologist who barely knows what API stands for. And if it weren't midnight and I weren't knackered. 🙂 I'm going to bed and hope the Hive Mind will sort this for me while I sleep. – Bill Hooker
In that case, you should be fine with rooms related to events, since you're unlikely to run into that item limit issue. I suspect you could pull out more with the API, but couldn't tell from the docs – Deepak
I've not lost anything yet that I've tried to do a google search for so far e.g. google "friendfeed mthk" and the first link is my original request and the second one is a link to the friendfeed search for mthk which still seems to have all the items. Has anyone come across a dead link in something that was bookmarked elsewhere? – Cameron Neylon
Thinking about it though – there are less "likes" on that item than I would have thought. Perhaps they expire rather than the item? – Cameron Neylon
Incidentally, I tried to go through about nine months of google reader items that I'd 'starred'. It's a surprisingly difficult manual labour task that I now realise (but don't act upon) that I should do about once a month to file away into various less ephemeral places. – Ian Tindale
Like Deepak, I use Delicious to bookmark interesting articles that people post. Have also imported some RSS feeds in G Reader, although not all of them, it would be a pain to have to do multiple feeds – Sally Church
I've not managed to build either delicious or twine into my workflow very effectively so I'm not using either very much – on the other hand if everyone else is doing a good job…. – Cameron Neylon
Cameron, the big advantage for me with Delicious is pulling them into Evernote and using that to search for information in a database for stuff. It becomes much more powerful that way. – Sally Church

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