“The best damn job in the whole damn world” from Roger Ebert’s Journal http://is.gd/qNnf

“Statgeist: Charting the Wired World” – Wired.com. http://is.gd/oZ34

Not nice to call G1 a Paperweight which Keeps all of your papers in place! But rather funny and – yes-somewhat true. http://is.gd/nJwv

“Personal information is the oil of the twenty-centry” CEO of DoubleClick

Nobuyoshi Araki's exhibition at Jablonka Galery Berlin presents 100 black-and-white photographs from the series "Kinbaku". In Japan, Kinbaku is a traditional art form combining elements from the arts of packaging and of flower decoration (Ikebana). At first glance the photos of tied up woman seem to be in line with the Western concept of Bondage, but Nobuyoshi Araki has emphasized a contrast."

An excellent listmainia on Amazon: “Best Business Books 2008”. http://is.gd/iBQO